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We invite you to learn about the Institute for Healing of Memories - North America and what we do. Find out about our origin in South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle. Read about our workshops and our work with war veterans, prison inmates, and more.

Learn about forthcoming events, perhaps in your neighborhood. Track our latest news and meet our director, Fr. Michael Lapsley, through his book, Redeeming the Past. And, not least, if you like what you see, please help with the work of the Institute and make a donation.

  • What Is a Healing of Memories Workshop?
    Healing of Memories workshops are weekend residential experiences held in safe, secure venues and led by trained facilitators. Participants share painful experiences in a spiritual, yet non sectarian atmosphere of deep listening and mutual respect. We create a safe and sacred space in which people can share painful personal stories.…

How to donate and get involved

Your donation, large or small, will help us expand Healing of Memories work in the United States. You can donate online below or visit this link for more.


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