What Is a Healing of Memories Workshop?

What Is a Healing of Memories Workshop?

Healing of Memories workshops are weekend residential experiences held in safe, secure venues and led by trained facilitators. Participants share painful experiences in a spiritual, yet non sectarian atmosphere of deep listening and mutual respect. We create a safe and sacred space in which people can share painful personal stories.

When telling their stories, participants are encouraged to describe their situations in the context of the history of their countries and their families and ancestors. Connecting with others in relation to their distress, often for the first time, allows participants to move forward feeling unburdened, lighter, and empowered to find solutions to their problems. Workshops culminate in a communal celebration or ritual devised by the participants themselves that encourages people to look towards the future with hope. The process is informed by the belief that healing trauma has a spiritual dimension, while at the same time the experience is non sectarian and people of all religious convictions or none are welcome.

We work with many different groups of people, including those with disabilities, victims of domestic abuse, offenders, whether still incarcerated or recently released, returned war veterans, and trauma survivors more generally.

Besides promoting individual healing, workshops can also further the healing of relationships and communities. When participants come from diverse social groups, listening to one another’s stories also helps to overcome negative perceptions of “the other.” People witness first hand the thoughts and feelings of participants different from themselves who have nevertheless experienced great pain. Thus, the very experience that promotes individual healing also furthers mutual understanding, reconciliation, and a sense of community empowerment.

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  • “I feel more validated, integrated, and safe than when I started the workshop and feel more of a sense of connectedness and closeness with others as well.”

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